"It has given me an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of Chinese Medicine through both theory and practical learning" 

Kelly - London

 Tao Yin and Qi gong

 Cultivate, stimulate and refine one’s own physical, energetic and spiritual being.

The Taoist practice of Qi Gong (Nei Gong) is used to cultivate, stimulate and refine one’s own physical, energetic and spiritual being. 

Wudang Taoist Qi Gong principles have been successfully used to prolong and extend life and allow the student to gradually become more aware of our relationship with nature, happiness and well-being.


The Natural Path School of Health Offer Tao Yin and Qi gong

Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga) is gentle exercise practice which restores balance, by the subtle moving and smoothing of the physical and energetic pathways. Tao Yin develops the body to be “as soft as cotton but as strong as steel” by practicing these simple flowing exercises as trained by Taoist monks and practitioners for thousands of years, you can move towards a healthy and happier life.

Classes open to all, regardless of age and health.

Wudang Exercise for Health Introduction Day

7th April 2018 - Bournemouth Dorset 

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The following course dates are available: