"It has given me an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of Chinese Medicine through both theory and practical learning" 

Kelly - London

Tui Na Massage - YEAR 1 Diploma Course

Welcome and thank you for considering studying Tui Na Massage with Natural Path School of Health.  We are dedicated to teaching and developing authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoists Arts and culture. 

As a small school we maintain high teaching standards, with the aim of developing knowledgeable practitioners with the practical skills and application to continue this living treasure as taught and practiced in China.


What will I learn during this course?

This course is a basic introduction to the theory and application of Tui Na massage and its union with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Including:

  • History of Tui Na and its relationship with TCM philosophy and Theory.
  • Introduction to 18 Basic Tui Na techniques theory and application.
  • Application of Tui Na massage; through clothing / blanket and direct to skin.
  • Physiology and anatomy specific to Tui Na.
  • TCM Theory, Channel theory (Primary and Sinew), point selection.
  • TCM diagnostics theory and its application in relationship of Tui Na- How to Reinforce and reduce conditions using Tui Na Techniques.
  • Basic Muscle and Tendon injury pathology.
  • Introduction to treating Traumatic injury with TCM/ Tui Na – theory and practice.
  • Tao Yin and Qi Gong (Exercise) specific f to protect and strengthen the Tui Na practitioner.
  • Qi Gong theory and practice and how to apply this in Tui Na .
  • Consultation skills and structure.
  • Clinical Contraindications to Tui Na massage.
  • Supervised Clinical practice.

Cost: £2400 (£400 deposit)

Discounted price £2150 for advanced payment

Course Duration: Tui Na Diploma, 1 Year
(one weekend per month attendance). 


Attending weekend face-to-face lectures and supervised practice:
Completing after class research:
Completing after class Tui Na practice:
Examination pass rate written and practical:
Compulsory attendance of course:

Total 336 Hours
Total 240 Hours
Total 80 Hours
Pass rate: 60%
Min attendance: 85%

Any deviation from these standards could constitute a fail and therefore stop a successful pass and issue of certification (Unforeseen circumstances and personal emergencies will be always dealt with in a flexible manner- missed classes can be re taken at a later date)

Will I have to provide any equipment or books?

On attendance of course you will be provided with a course handbook on the Foundations of Tui Na massage, which is included in course fees. This book includes most of the theory and knowledge needed to complete the course- you may also receive additional information hand outs during the course.

Students will receive a short recommended reading list , most of the books can be purchased both new and second hand from the internet, these are additional texts may form the basis of some homework assignments set during the course.

On attendance of weekend courses all massage equipment including couches will be provided.  Students will be expected to practise at home on friends and family and therefore make suitable provision for providing their own safe massage table.

On attendance of weekend training it is suggested that students wear loose comfortable clothing.


What can I expect out of this qualification?

After successful completion of the Tui Na Diploma course, the practitioner should feel confident to draw on the knowledge of TCM philosophy, theory, pathology and the correct selection of technique and application of Tui Na Skills.

The aim of the course is to develop competent professional Tui Na practitioners who can treat and apply Tui Na massage to a basic foundation level.  

Acupuncture Society Accreditation.

All Natural Path School of Health courses are accredited by the Acupuncture Society.
Successful graduates of this course will be awarded a Diploma in Tui Na. Graduates will be accepted as members of the Acupuncture Society. (Annual membership £100 and student and professional indemnity cover can also be arranged).

Members of the Acupuncture Society are entitled to use the initials Dip Tui Na after their names.

Can I continue my studies of Tui Na Massage?

Yes, after completion of the Diploma course, students can then graduate to the Master Diploma Tui Na course which builds on the foundations of Diploma course. This exciting course introduces and builds on specialised Tui Na subjects.


Next weekend Tui Na training weekend -  24th -25th February