"It has given me an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of Chinese Medicine through both theory and practical learning" 

Kelly - London

Internal Martial Arts and Health development

To many people in today’s world, the study of martial arts stimulates many thoughts and ideas which often do not reflect the true benefit of training authentic martial training.  Chinese Martial Arts or “Wushu” can been successfully used to develop the physical, mental and spiritual nature of a person.

In China this tradition is viewed as a living treasure, passed on from Master to student, such teachings still exist only by a few Masters and schools in modern day China.

Natural Path School of Health teaches the authentic tradition of Wudang Taoist Arts including traditional martial arts aimed at developing a person as a whole i.e. creating a union between the physical, energetic and spiritual person and their interactions with the natural world.

We teach a direct and practical path to achieving health and balance, as taught in China, there are no belts no grades, you can either do it or you’re on the path to training toward achieving your goal.

We teach high quality authentic Taoist Arts which have been shown to benefit health and longevity for many hundreds of years. 

Natural Path School of Health Training aims to teach people of all ages and abilities an authentic health system which can be practiced throughout your complete life.