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8 Day Tui Na Certificate Course - £1530

Eight day Tui Na certificate course teaches theoretical and practical application of clinical Tui Na used to treat orthopaedic dysfunction and injury as used in clinics in China.

This unique training course teaches the foundations of Tui Na massage in a simple and direct approach. Training includes 18 foundation Tui Na massage techniques, TCM theoretical basics including Channel theory -Primary and Sinew Channels. Point location and application. How to treat common muscular -skeletal  dysfunction and injury, both direct to the skin and through clothing.

Students require a qualification in anatomy and physiology to graduate from the course.

students will receive a Certificate in Tui Na and will be eligible to become members of The Acupuncture Society. 

All Students are required undertake a Declaration of Criminal Convictions

*Please note all deposits and course fees are non refundable.