"It has given me an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of Chinese Medicine through both theory and practical learning" 

Kelly - London

 Chen Tai Ji Chuan

Many people practice the Chinese exercise of Tai Ji Chuan, it is regarded as a living treasure for its health promoting qualities. 

Originally practiced as a martial art, Tai Ji Chuan practitioners benefit from a holistic exercise which helps to develop and maintain both mind and body.

Unlike many forms of modern exercise, the simple to learn form of Tai Ji Chuan can be practiced at all ages and does not require expensive exercise equipment or gym membership.

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The Natural Path School of Health Offer Chen Style Tai Ji Chuan

Chen style Tai Ji Chuan utilises soft flowing harmonious movements, as well as fast, hard and explosive dynamic techniques based on Taoist principles of Yin and Yang.   A focus on spiralling, twinning, twisting actions Known as’ silk reeling practice’ are used to help regulate the body’s internal energy system, as well as being used for martial application.

Development of relaxation and meditative practice is a key aspect of Tai Ji Chuan. Through the conscious intention of breath and physical action a Tai Chi practitioner can learn techniques for stress reduction and spiritual development. 

Whether practice for health, martial art, or both Chen style Tai Chi is ideal for all regardless of your age or fitness.

Class times:


Time: Every Tuesday -  8pm -10pm

Location: Buckingham Road

Health benefits of Tai Ji Chuan practice:

  • Reduction of stress and high blood pressure.
  • Reduces back pain
  • Regulates circulation and blood flow, strengthens the function of the heart and Lungs.
  • Gently regulates the bodies’ energy or ‘Qi’.
  • Encourages the opening and movement of joints reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Increases flexibility and muscular strength.


The following course dates are available: